Office presentation

The Office of Ferracini Pàntano consists of a group of various professionals who have come together in order to provide the most complete service for their clients in the fiscal, corporate, financial and administrative sectors.
The group is based on 40 years of comprehensive experience within the local and national markets; the group developed and matured over time until it reached its current structure made up of six fiscal experts, one accountant, one law consultant, some trainees and three employees.
The numerous connections built over many years of collaborations with other professional bodies (notary offices, specialized law offices, auditing businesses, corporations of research, innovation and funding of both collective and national nature, investments banks, Italian trust companies, financial dealers, labor consultants) make these professionals able to provide their clients with an accurate and complete consultancy service in the field of economics, finance and law.
In order to have their clients experience the best service and procure solutions for every corporate necessity, the Office of Ferracini Pàntano also takes advantage of external structures (networks).