Dr. Riccardo Franceschelli

modifica2After the Bachelor of Science in Business and Profession awarded to the University of Bologna in 2007, he completed the training at the University of Milan with the Degree , awarded in 2009, in Economics and Business Administration , path specific in Economics and Legislation for the Enterprise .

Since 2009 he works full-time with the firm , in 2012 and has taken and passed the state exam for certification to practice as a Certified Public Accountant , enrolling at the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Province of Bologna 06.03.2013 under No . 2667 / A.

He entered in the Register of Auditors in n. 169752 , by decree of the General Inspectorate of Finance of 02.12.2013 , published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic , 4th Special Series , no. 97 of 10.12.2013 .

He’s an expert in administrative and accounting management of small and medium-sized businesses, corporations and individuals and freelancers, dealing with ordinary and semplified accounting, preparation of financial statements, study and preparation of the data for tax returns .

As part of the professional Dr. Franceschelli has been involved in purchase and sale of businesses and investments, corporate restructuring, mergers, spin-offs, judgments, estimates and financial planning.

Advises companies and individuals in varying degrees of tax process, dealing therefore many tax litigation practices related to most tax cases.