Dott.ssa Daniela Tonelli


Five year bachelor degree in  Businness and Economics at the University of Bologna.

Daniela Tonelli started practicing the accountant profession collaborating with existing professional offices during her studies and  obtained in 1987 the Chartered Accountant Qualification.

2007: successfully passed the state qualification exam to practice the Business Consultant profession and joined the Register of the Business Consultants Order of the province of Bologna since November the 5th 2007 with the number 2267/A.

2008 – present: Member of the Register of Legal Auditors according to the Legislative Decree  27/1/2010 number 39 Bis with Ministerial Decree published on the Official Gazette number 25 of 21/4/95 4th special series of March 28th, 2008, number 49.931.

2012: Master Degree in Accounts Review of Local Bodies awarded by the Interior Ministry, in accordance with the article 3 of the Ministerial Decree of the 15th of February 2012, number 23.

Work experience

Doctor Tonelli is an expert in the field of Administrative and Accounting Management of small and big businesses, non-profit bodies, physical persons. She deals mainly with ordinary and streamlined accounting, balance sheets drawing up and data analysis and arrangement for fiscal returns.

She is responsible for buying and selling operations of companies and shareholdings, corporate restructuring mergers, dissolutions, estimates, appraisals and financial planning.

She has fulfilled and currently holds roles of Mayor of the Board of Statutory Auditors in Commercial Societies.