Dott. Marco Pàntano


Bachelor degree of 5 years in Business and Economics, specialising in ‘Aziendale – Professionale’ (Business Management – Professional).

1985: successfully passed the state qualification exam to practice the business consultant profession and started afterwards practicing on a freelance basis, having joined the Register of the Business Consultants Order of the province of Bologna since 10/09/1986 with the number 1743.

Currently part of the Register of the Order of Business Consultants and Accountants Experts of the province of Bologna with the number 631/A.

1995 – present: Member of the Register of Legal Auditors according to the Legislative Decree  27/1/92 number 88 with Ministerial Decree of 12/4/95, Official Gazette number 31 Bis of 21/4/95 with the number 42.993.

2012: Master Degree in Accounts Review of Local Bodies awarded by the Interior Ministry, in accordance with the article 3 of the Ministerial Decree of the 15th of February 2012, number 23.


Work experience

Practicing his professional activity, Doctor Marco Pàntano deals mainly with strategic consultancy for businesses, buying and selling operations of companies and shareholdings, corporate restructurings, mergers, dissolutions, estimates, appraisals and financial planning.

He successfully took care of the arrangement of businesses financing provisions among which the law 488/92, Sabatini law and Regional Grant in the field of the Regional Operational Program of the European Fund of Regional Development 2007-2013.

During his career, he guided several companies and physical persons through the application processes of taxation principles, which often involved resolving cases of fiscal controversy of mainly taxation nature.

He has fulfilled and currently performs roles such as:

  • Technical consultant in civil suits.
  • Liquidator of limited companies and non-commercial institutions.
  • Appraiser of companies and corporations.
  • Clerk competition procedures.
  • Trustee in bankruptcy.
  • Support, Proponent in front of Tributary Commissions.

He has also been appointed as president or mayor of the Board of Statutory Auditors in commercial societies and he currently administrates real estate and commercial companies as managing director.