Dott. Andrea Alessandri


Born in Bologna on the 20th of January 1969, Andrea Alessandri graduated from the Classical High School in 1989 and obtain a Business and Economics degree at University of Bologna in 1995. He is currently part of the Register of the Order of Fiscal Experts and Accountants Experts of the province of Bologna since 2000 with the number 1708/A and Member of the Register of Legal Auditors according to the Legislative Decree (27/1/92) number 88 with Official Gazette number 36 (08/05/2001), 4th special series, with the number 120288.

Registered to the Order of Judge Technical Advisers of the Tribunal of Bologna, he is also licensed to civil mediation as a certified public professional conciliator.

After his professional apprenticeship, part of which was carried out at the office of Doctor Giovanni Nidasio in Bologna, he collaborated with the Tornelli Ferracini Partnership Office since 2000.

He obtained the Master Degree in Accounts Review of Local Bodies organized by Union of Italian Provinces and awarded by the Interior Ministry, in accordance with the article 3 of the Ministerial Decree of the 15th of February 2012, number 23.

Practicing its professional activity, he mainly works on business, financial and corporate consulting and strategy, extraordinary operations (mergers, dissolutions, assignments), appraisals, acquisitions and appraisals of Local Bodies.


Work experience:

–        Member of Boards of Statutory Auditors in commercial societies.

–        Consultant of the Tribunal of Bologna.

–         2006-2012: member of the Board of Accountants of the municipality of Bologna.

–        2008/2010: appointed for roles as Government Commissioner and Judicial Liquidator.

–        2001-2008: member and awarded secretary of the ‘Business Consultancy’ Commission established by the Order of Business Consultants of Bologna.

–        2001/2006: member of the Board of directors and of the Executive Committee for the ‘Consortium of commercial credit guarantee’ (Comfidi), the consortium of guarantee for overdrafts of the Chamber of Commerce, ‘Ascom’ (Italian trade association) and ‘Confesercenti’ of Bologna area.

–         2005: coordinator, planner and in charge of reports for the series of meetings ‘Credit access diagnosis and treatment. Methods and operational instruments for businesses support relative to Basilea 2’s new imposed rules’ organized by the Order of Business Consultants of Bologna during January-February.

–         2001/2002: coordinator, planner and in charge of reports for the series of meetings ‘Management discussions’ organized by Order of Business Consultants of Bologna in collaboration with the ‘Junior Industry Group’ of ‘Assindustria’ (industry association) of Bologna from November 2001 until February 2002.