Fiscal area:

  • consultancy, assistance and general legal performances
  • asssistance in procedures of Fiscal Administration
  • assistance and consultancy in legal audit
  • taxation controversy in all courts of appeal
  • fiscal planning
  • Fiscal Due diligence
  • criminal tax law


Corporate administration

  • general accounting and administration consultancy and assisance
  • third party book-keeping and related performances
  • ordinary and extraordinary end of year accounts editing and related performances
  • company domiciliation and daily voucher entering , Comprehensive record-keeping and verbalisations
  • business administration
  • Due diligence and auditing

finance and economy:

  • Business strategy consultancy on both economics and fiscal areas
  • Comapany control and administration
  • consultancy and assistance with Credit Istitutions and Commercial Banks
  • Business financing procedures
  • Business planning and economical and fiscal budget development
  • Company and corporation appraisals
  • assistance and consultancy in mergers, dissolutions, transfer, renting or sale of businesses, share trade
  • Sworn valuations for bestowal in accordance with art. 2343 e 2465 c.c.
  • Recovery planning and bankruptcy law
  • Adequacy judgments for mergers and dissolutions in accordance with art. 2501 sexies c.c.
  • Legal and fiscal Due diligence



Corporate trading

  • Incorporation of all businesses kind
  • Corporate bylaws and internal agreements establishment
  • Assistance for fiduciary registration
  • Trusts
  • Commercial contracts



corporate crisis:

  • Assistance in voluntary winding-up procedures
  • Assistance to pre-bankruptcy companies
  • Business recovery plannings



Legal revision

  • Legal auditing
  • Good administration supervision in accordance to art. 2403 c.c.


Giudical activities

  • bankruptcy and related procedures
  • forced liquidations
  • Court or third party appointed expert witness in civil law
  • Temporary receivership
  • Extraordinary legal guardianship
  • Sworn valuations